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Proficiency business consultation services and programs create numerous testimonials from our customers.

We know that you will be satisfied with our service, so we are willing to share with you the feedbacks we have received, allowing our customers to witness.

Your people are honest, professional and very timely. Your careful guidance and preparation of documents has helped us achieve our goals.

Outstanding staff is the company’s most valuable assets. Thank you for your assistance to enable our business to maintain the team spirit and allow the company to continue to grow. I definitely would recommend you to every entrepreneur so they can use your excellent service too. In addition, I extremely appreciate your ability to listen to your customers. Thank you again!
Andy, Owner – Franchiser

Thank you for the great work, your patience and professionalism has guided me though, making me successfully carry out the business plan. Your business expansion and capital investment plan service is excellent.
Rick, Owner – Franchiser

For a small business, it faces so many trivial things, and left with so little time to complete the business expansion plan, we have previously thought it could not be completed! However, we later found out that not only we could continue to run our cafes; we can also develop the company business at the same time, and win over other individual sponsors to help the continuous development of the company. We have also completed another goal which is sponsorship of overseas chefs to join our busy kitchen. We are very grateful for the help of your professional consultants. Your professionalism is to be commended!
Edward, Owner – Catering Business

I have obtained your professional and reasonably priced services while I was sponsored by overseas company. Now I not only want to continue to make contribution to the company, I also want to thank you. With your help, I have won better opportunities of staying and developing my career in Australia compared with my overseas friends.
Vicky, Marketing Staff – Telecommunications Sector

Thank you so much for the business assistance plan for our company. It took a long time to develop, but the effect is very significant. It is also enabling the company to sponsor overseas employees without restriction. And because of this, our employees are extremely loyal to the company. The excellent quality is far beyond my expectations. I am willing to recommend your professional service to any company owner around me. Thank you again.
Luis, Owner – IT Industry

Thanks again for your service which is much higher than the previous standards. I am very satisfied with the work you have done. It also exceeded my previous expectations.
Will, Western Food Chef – Hospitality/Supermarket Industry

Fast, reliable and professional service than I ever imagined! Thank you for the guidelines. Your service is excellent.
Kevin, Chef – Hospitality

I would like to recommend HONG-YOUNG CAPITAL HOLDINGS to anyone who is thinking of migrating ,business and work opportunities or education in Australia . I’ll be looking forward in near future to take you as my agent about migration, or education.
Chhetri, Chef – Hospitality

We hired Hong Young Business Experts to assist us develop and implement our human resource, funding and marketing strategy. We were able to get the funding we needed, employees and we are currently negotiating with a potential business partner who will enable our company to double its market share. We were very pleased with the work Hong Young did for us.
Winnie C, Owner – Franchiser

Hong Young business consulting and solutions developed a first-rate quality business investment plan that helped us to raise capital successfully.
John Q, Managing Director – Hospitality

You delivered an excellent brand and business plan! Your attention to detail, ability to understand our business, vision and helped us achieve our business goals. Thank you for your dedication and hard work!
Solomon M, Managing Director – Enterprise Integrated Service