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There are 4 standard education phases in United States.

Pre-school Education, K-5 grades
Elementary Education, 6-8 grades
Secondary Education, 9-12 grades
Higher Education, University or College

Being educated is compulsory by law. In some states, children at the age from 6 to 16 have to go to school, while in other states, the age is from 6 to 18. The education content is different from each school district. However, the benefit is the same: when children go to the public school (not included university and college education system), the tuition is paid by local government. 

The secondary education in United States is the credit system. Except the basic required courses, there are plenty of selective courses for students. Teenagers can base on their preference choose their selective courses. If students meet certain requirements, they are allowed to attain the university courses and the credit will be recognized when they enter into the universities. If students have completed all the credits required in secondary education, they can skip a grade and directly go to college. Furthermore, students can graduate as soon as they complete all the required credits. That’s why many people get their bachelor degree in less than 4 years.

University education, also called “Higher Education,” is not compulsory education. Students who want to receive higher education have to pay tuition. According to students’ nationality, students’ living state, and the university type (public or private), the tuition varies dramatically. The difference may be up to 60% between students with Green Cards and those without Green Cards.

Years, United States is always the best country for people who want to study abroad. The higher education system of California is comprehensive and the education resource is abundant. Due to the excellent education environment, California breeds many well-known companies. From HP in 20 Century to Google in 21 Century, they were both born under California higher education system. With the spirit of creativity and innovation, comfortable weather, shinning sunshine, convenience in daily life and perfect education environment, California becomes the best choice for foreigner to study in the United States.