USA Welfare Policies

The Green Card Holders and his/her families (wife and children(s)) are entitled to rights equal to that of other legal residents, including:

1. Welfare provided by the American government.

2. Finding a safe harbor for your family members and investments. Each family member is free to enter and exit USA and reside in USA.

3. Freedom to work, reside and establish one’s own business anywhere in USA.

4. Children’s eligibility to study in USA universities and colleges, including well-known universities that that accept foreign students. Tuition is equal to that of American residents, which significantly reduces the cost of education.

5. Student’s eligibility to work legally during school study.

6. Eligibility to apply for study in medical colleges, which are usually difficult for foreigners to enter.

7. Access to social welfare benefits, including studying in public schools, healthcare, social security, etc. Also, other family members can be invited to go to America with government approval.
8. Enjoyment of the prominent life in America.