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Managed investment schemes are also known as ‘managed funds’, ‘pooled investments’ or ‘collective investments’. Generally in a managed investment scheme:

People are brought together to contribute money to get an interest in the scheme;
money is pooled together with other investors or used in a common enterprise;
a ‘responsible entity’ operates the scheme. Investors do not have day to day control over the operation of the scheme.

Managed investment schemes cover a wide variety of investments. Some of the popular managed investment schemes that may be offered include:

  1. Cash management trusts
  2. Property trusts
  3. Australian equity (share) trusts
  4. Many agricultural schemes (eg horticulture, aquaculture, commercial horse breeding)
  5. International equity trusts
  6. Some film schemes
  7. Timeshare schemes
  8. Some mortgage schemes
  9. Actively managed strata title schemes.

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