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Australia Inaugurates Key Members for New South Asian Consultant Committee

The Australian government recently inaugurated more than 10 Indian-origin permanent residents to be the key members of the ‘Subcontinent Ministerial Consultative Committee’.

The newly inducted members will inform and advise the Australian government on issues such as immigration, skill, education, trade, and foreign aid related to sub-continent communities in the country. Made up of 17 key members, the consultant committee represents the communities in Australia with Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi heritage.

Manoj Kumar, Melbourne-based committee member, said, “The 17-member committee has been formed with an aim to increase and improve engagement with wider ethnic communities on their issues of concern, to assist service delivery to those communities and to improve the dissemination of information on the government’s policies.”

Also an active member of Australia India Business Council Victoria, Kumar said his primary agenda would be to urge the government to simplify the rules of the International English Language Testing system for Australian immigrants wanting to obtain Permanent Residency (PR).

The Subcontinent Ministerial Consultative Committee is chaired by four members of the Parliament including Australian Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Bowen.

“I think that various communities have different issues and anything which enables communities to communicate with ministers and with government is a good thing. So we’ve established these committees, of which the Sub-Continental Ministerial Advisory Council is a very important one,” Bowen said in an interview.

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