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More Air Access for Australian Visa Holders to Boost Jobs and Tourism in Tasmania

The Tasmanian government is currently making plans to add air capacity to promote immigration and tourism in the country, particularly in Tasmania.

“It’s vital that all stakeholders work together in order to take advantage and make the most of this tremendous opportunity,” says the Accommodation Association of Australia, whose members have more than 1,000 lodges across the state.

“Our industry has been pushing for greater air access to Tasmania for the past year and we welcome the extra seats and additional flights that will soon come on line. The airlines, the state government which established an Access Working Group to examine the issue, Tourism Tasmania and Tourism Industry Council Tasmania deserve credit for helping to bring about change,” says Accommodation Association of Australia Chief Executive Officer, Richard Munro.

Munro added, “There are direct economic links between more seats on flights to Tasmania and tourism investment, which provides accommodation operators with a much-needed injection of confidence, in order to make the additional air access become successful so that it continues.”

Australian tourism is one of the major industries in the state, and the government is keen on maximizing the benefits of this opportunity to promote Tasmania.

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